We stand at a most pivotal point in human history. Structures we once found stability in have dismantled dramatically over the last two years, creating shockwaves across the world.

Humanity is in transition and there is not a Person, Organisation, or Institution that is excluded. Indeed, those places of high office and responsibility are being presented with very tangible signs…… that change has begun.

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This Website, carries the energy of love, as it reaches out to a world in transition.

It has endured much to be here. There were many tests, trials and hurdles to overcome. Alot of pain to be healed.

In its darkest moments, when fear held Its grip, light would release it and courage would lead the way.

It met the kindness of others, at those times when the world felt too harsh. And love inspired never giving up….

For the mission in its heart, was stronger than the knocks it came back from. Why put yourself through this? Some asked.

Do not assume it was bad, was the answer. I have faced my worst fears, felt my deepest compassion and found my greatest joy.

And so it is now, this website understands exactly why it was taken through its journey; So it can help others, who are going through theirs.

With Love