I am a change-agent who helps you transform from wherever you are, to where you want to be: Anywhere in your business. Be it: Leadership, culture, sales, marketing, Partnerships. Everything comes from people and so that is where we begin.

I am hands-on, as that is what creates the most impact. Building trust with your people is a given; as is getting excited about your business. My enthusiasm tends to be very infectious!

Having worked in Corporate Business for 30 years, I appreciate the challenges that you face on a daily basis; motivation; quota; staying ahead of the curve; retaining customers, as well as winning new one’s and of course…. keeping shareholders happy!

My consulting is delivered naturally on the ground, on real projects. So you get a lot of creativity from me, that directly contributes to your goals, as well as team spirit.

These are changing times in the world. This is all about helping put you at the top of your game and in alignment with the changes.

To summarise: Just tell me: where you are at? What you would like to change? What the goal is? And then point me in the right direction. I will get on with it and fit in like I have always been there. Uniting the energy of your people on route, and helping to empower them.