We are in a time of huge transition. Outmoded ways are becoming less effective, as they clash with the higher-energy now permeating our world, lives, business and politics.

For so is the purpose of this shift; to awaken us to our authentic power. We have played the separation-game for as long as it served our evolution. One where it was all in the name of survival, and fear dominated our thoughts and actions; the energy of which creates what we experience because everything is energy.

Events on the world stage and within our own lives, are shaking us to remember unity; within ourselves and with each other. Unity with our higher self; which is the embodiment of love, not fear. It is the heart of us and that is what’s leading the way now, as it comes back into balance. You could say: the heart of humanity is emerging and it means business!

Think about it: how does it feel when our heart is in? How different our thoughts are; the energy we have; how it inspires collaboration; invokes creativity; seeks mutual solutions and has a passion to drive them through.

Now flip that: when our heart is not in. Isn’t it like pushing water up a hill? It achieves much less and drains you of energy.

All that energy! All that potential creativity that can achieve so much. The power to change your world; your business; your politics. That is the heart of Unitefulness ™

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