There has been a lot in the news about equality; which is why I chose to write this blog. To go beneath the surface. We all have Masculine & Feminine energy within us. Our Masculine energy is our mind and focus. Our Feminine energy is our heart and creativity.

The evolutionary transformation we are going through now, is about the unified blending of these two energies – through our heart. Through the heart because that is the access to our higher mind; which works in collaboration with our heart, not in competition with it.

I have to talk about this because it is important and it helps us see why things are unfolding as they are and rising to the surface of daily life. The unconscious mind we most relate to is the ego-mind.
This is the part of us that is concerned with survival. At its most positive, you could say: its looking out for us but the challenge is: from a limited view. Because it believes it is alone and can only deal with what it knows. In its most negative state – it will do anything for survival because it lives in fear.

The heart, which is our access to intuition, passion, creativity and love was often considered inferior, to our mind. Or in business; the phrase is ‘soft skills’. I still smile when I hear that. The heart is not just a muscle; it is the doorway to our higher self (consciousness or spirit, whatever you want to call it). It carries our plan for this life and is always trying to lead us in the right direction.

How many times have we heard: “It was a battle of heart and mind” ….just hearing the word battle should send a clue! We are in battle before we even begin. So you can see how the heart was put on the back seat. I have to say again; particularly in our places of work. Because we cannot be soft, we have to be tough. Which part of our mind is saying that? And what do we close off in ourselves in the process?

You know when your heart and mind are working together because it feels fantastic! You have an energy and passion for what you are doing. You collaborate and share with others. You have compassion and understanding. You access creativity that brings solutions that excite you! And you have the courage of conviction to see them through.

You also know when your heart is not in. It takes more effort. Sometimes, just to show up! The creativity is harder to find. Of course it is because we have closed it off. It can invoke a feeling of…thank god its Friday. But there is so much more. If you choose to read my story/bio, you will see why it is such a passion with me, because heart is what I worked with from the minute I got plunged into Corporate Sales, without a clue 

So there is a lot of balancing going on now within us. Where we have been more focus; heart is coming up. Where we have been more heart; focus is coming up. It is an incredible thing that is happening but what has been out of balance, is where the challenges are but awareness is key. You can work with it, knowing that it is something incredibly positive. The unifying of heart and mind, taking you to the most powerful force within you there is: That of love. Our true nature. We were never our fear; it just felt that way. The separation game we played but this is our return to Unity.