We are at a pivotal time in history. Blink and something has changed. We hold our breath as the next revelation hits our screens. More and more the old ways are not working, as they clash with an energetic wave that is taking us to higher ground. To what unites us, not separates us.

This is the great unification that is taking place, as we are shaken from a slumber that has disconnected us from ourselves, as well as each other. What has been out of balance within us is being calibrated and that does not happen without some turmoil along the way. Many wonder what is happening. Why life is bringing so many challenges.

As CEOs and leaders, you are in a position of amazing opportunity but, also, great responsibility because it directly affects you and the people you lead. We are all part of this transition; shifting us from the human separation-game we have unconsciously played, and into our higher-consciousness of unity.

In our hearts we know why this change is happening. We have called for it. We have gone as far as we can down the evolutionary fear-track, that ‘Separation-consciousness’ has created through our ego mind. We know within our own life, how it feels. Particularly within our business and political world. It is often a game of survival that does not feel good. But there is so much more! That answers every problem.

The heart is our compass now, and love is our authentic higher power. For it is only within the ego-mind where fear resides. Our heart is our union to everything. Our creativity, compassion, passion, intuition, and it collaborates with our higher-mind. From there it brings a confidence of knowing; the action you take is always the right one. Even when the decisions are tough.

Unity is your key. Within your strategies, culture, choices. To ride this wave of change with excitement! Knowing you are building your business on the most solid platform; even when the world around you is shifting.

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