Everything we do and think ripples out and eventually, circles back to us. Be it positive or negative. Have you ever witnessed the culture of a company change overnight when cut-backs are rumoured? Or when the numbers are down? It can feel like someone has switched off the light and actually, that is exactly what it is. It is the ripple-effect of fear-based energy and how it shuts out the light of positivity.

To change that ripple-effect, you need to inject new thinking, new energy; light that cuts through the fear and opens up all the potential that is always there. It cannot be manufactured. It is a natural process and has to be felt. That is why all the mission statements in the world, will not make an ounce of difference, if people do not connect with them and feel them.

You can tell yourself you are going to achieve target but if you do not feel it inside; you are only half way there. It needs the engine or passion, that drives you. Have you experienced that? Where no matter how challenging something may appear, there is a fire in you that just knows, you will do it? There is an excitement within the challenge? It truly does bring a whole new dimension to business because you are working with higher energy and this is very important, because everything is created from only one of two energies; positive or negative.

There is nothing I love more, than walking into an Organisation and seeing all the potential they have. Often, it is easier to do that when you are new because there is no history. I never fail to find great excitement in what they can achieve and that does have a ripple-effect within the team or department because it is through them, that I see it. It lifts the energy so powerfully and opens up new creativity. The fun part is then bringing that to life on the ground together, on projects. Nothing fosters collaboration, harmony and team spirit more than that and isn’t that what every business needs? Particularly in these times, when there are so many challenges in the world.

This helps teach business, that you create your own fate. Whilst it may seem obvious, it is still a challenge to maintain that positivity because so many things get in the way of it on a daily basis. That is the nature of the work I do; to help you not only become aware of it but how to transcend it. Putting the key of empowerment, firmly in your hands…..