Wherever you find yourself at this time in your life; whatever challenges you face, or however impossible things may look……don’t ever give up….on you.

Sometimes, it may feel like you are the only one left in your corner, but….know this….you have far more support than you can see.

As I am writing this on February 14th, it is a perfect day to go into your heart. To feel the strength….the love…..that is within you. It is a love that spurs you on…..has your back…..believes in you….even if nobody else does. It knows what you are made of.

It knows that today’s impossibility is nothing more than an experience you haven’t created yet and like all impossibilities, if they are nurtured with enough focus and unwavering belief…..they can become probabilities.

It may not happen how you think but that’s the key, to let go of expectations…..to allow possibilities you haven’t yet imagined……the space to come in.

The call of the heart is a mighty one. Hard to ignore! Where do you think it gets its passion from? How does it know which road to lead you down? Why does it have the courage of a lion when it is protecting what it loves?

Because your heart holds your plan for this lifetime. It knows you. It inspires you. It gives you fuel for the highs and lows of the road ahead and it fills you with joy, at every milestone you reach. Your heart never gives up on you; only you can give up on it.

It is not about what you do, but about how you feel, when you are doing it. I once remember reading something very inspiring about the Electrician……who loves what he does…… because he is bringing light into people’s lives.

Your hearts call is unique one but it is always an inclusive call. Because the heart is inclusive. It feels its connection to all things. Oh our fear mind will pour its doubt, we all know that experience but one of my favourite quotes is from Nelson Mandela……

”It always seems impossible, until its’ done”. Says it all really….

Which for some strange reason reminds me of when I was growing up and my Mum used to say….”Today’s news will be tomorrow’s fish & chip paper!” ….meaning I guess, that what seems big today…..will soon not. And yes, for those younger readers out there, we used to buy fish and chips wrapped in newspaper! Those were the days

Happy Valentine’s Day.