I could write a book on this one. Be you, is the most natural thing to say but the one we struggle most with – in the conditioned world we have lived in.

The one where we think we have to be someone else, in order to survive and fit in. As I write that – it seems crazy doesn’t it? How we hold our uniqueness back out of fear?

Would we tell a child to be someone else? To dampen their spontaneity and spirit for life? Of course not. We love them for who they are and so why not ourselves?

The best thing about my work is when I see someone flourish; when I help them to liberate themselves from their fears, and lay down the mask that is becoming impossible to wear.

The freedom in that. The doors it opens within them. When people switch on their light, they don’t want to be anyone else. They want the same for everyone because they know how painful the struggle was and how empowering being YOU….is.

That is the transition we are going through. There is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel.