Coaching 1-1


Unitefulness™ Transformation Coaching By telephone

This supports you in stepping into your most authentic Power. It is your divine birthright to be all that your heart chooses to be in this lifetime. The huge energetic shift we are now experiencing: is a wake-up call and a reminder; as it brings to the surface, what’s getting in the way of us living from our own inner sovereignty.

Everything you need is right there within you, and it is about discerning the fear of the mind, from the loving guidance of your heart. For your heart carries your blueprint For this lifetime and will always lead you in the right direction. It then becomes an adventure! As it was always meant to be.

We will discuss:

  • How you feel right now
  • What are the struggles?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What would you like to change?
  • What stops you?
  • What do you want?


Together we will identify the barriers (perceived or otherwise) and suggest ways to move beyond them. Producing practical steps, to move you towards your goals. This creates positive energy. The biggest frustration is when we feel stuck; as it can create a downward spiral of energy. This is about your freedom and you taking control, to create what you want; from your power within.

My personal 18 year transformation journey; enables me to support you in a very real way; with sensitivity, experience and great encouragement. Sharing tools from real life.

* Full payment is required at the time of booking.
* Sessions can be re-booked with 48 hours’ notice.