Empowerment 1-1


Unitefulness™ Empowerment By telephone

This is to lift your energy! When you most need it.

These are powerful times; bringing up lots in us all. Empowerment: is when you need help to move forwards. You may already be on your path and know what you want but feel stuck. Or you feel lost and don’t know what you want but you DO know: its not what you have now.

It could be work related; you feel you are having to be a version of yourself and its exhausting you. It takes an awful Lot of energy, holding up a front – when who we are, Is everything we ever need and more.

Whatever the situation; discerning where the block is and Its cause – is how we get to the root. Once there – you are empowered to make choices, as to how you release it. And I can help you with suggestions on that. I have either received or explored most of them!

But ultimately, this is about YOU feeling your own power

**for shorter session it is better to focus on one particular area, for maximum benefit.

* Full payment is required at the time of booking.

* Sessions can be re-booked with 48 hours’ notice.