If the currency of our energy, had as much focus as cryptocurrency, we would empower ourselves to change the world.

Everything is energy. Think of nature. It creates in harmony. It knows it is connected to everything. There is no fear of lack. No separation from the abundance of oneness. This is the energy frequency of love. The most powerful there is.

So we create our life; through our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Often unconsciously but we know the feeling when our energy is up or down. Our emotions are powerful signals. They tell us how we are feeling; happy, sad, frustrated, afraid, positive or negative, and a whole raft in-between.

The lower the feeling, the lower our frequency. The lighter the feeling, the higher our frequency. Making it easier to attract what we want. We fluctuate between the two daily but having our awareness on it – empowers us to lift our energy and therefore, our life. Unitefulness™ helps you to do this.

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